Competition Rules

1.        All participants should register for this competition with their real names, affiliations (including department, full name of university/institute/company, and country), and affiliation E-mails. Incomplete and redundant registrations will be removed without notice.

2.        All participants must submit a complete solution to this competition during the validation and testing phase. A complete solution includes a Docker container (tar file) and a qualified methodology paper (8-12 pages, NeurIPS format).

3.        All participants should agree that the submitted Docker containers and papers can be publicly available to the community on the competition website, and organizers can use the information provided by the participants for final analysis, including scores, predicted labels, and papers.

4.        Participants are not allowed to register multiple teams and accounts (only listed names in the signed document will be considered). Participants from the same research group are also not allowed to register multiple teams. Organizers retain the right to disqualify such participants.

5.        Redistribution or transferring of competition data or data links is not allowed during the competition. Participants should use the data only for this competition. The competition data will be publicly available and free for use after the competition.

6.        Participants should develop fully automatic methods and any manual interventions (e.g., manually annotating the unlabelled images) are not allowed. For a fair comparison, participants should post the used external data or pre-trained models (freely available) links on the competition forum before August 31st, 2022. After this time point, no other data can be used.